The Kingdom:

Arkadia is a multi-cultural Kingdom for Chronicles of Elyria residing on the European server, made of international English speaking duchies, French speaking duchies, German speaking duchies and Italian speaking duchies. 

We plan on recruiting a larger number of communities using their own languages and willing to form a semi-independent duchy under our banner. 

We also hope that we will federate as many player counts and barons as possible to join our existing duchies. We will also welcome every non aggressive independent guild willing to operate our mines, farms, factories or create any peaceful internal community.

Our capital city is Utopia and is located inside our main English speaking Duchy: The Duchy of Arkadia. Utopia will be located next to the sea and aims to become the greatest city of Elyria. Every Elyrian will dream to visit It.

We already own three Duchies and many Counties and Baronies. Our major focus will be the economical development of our starting regions. To help us with that, we will focus on the production of raw materials and the exportation of our finest's and most valuable productions. Thanks to our strong economy and our solid institutions, such as the Arkadian Bank, our citizen will feel safe and strong.

The Kingdom will have a strong focus on marine and a lot of knowledge on boat crafting. We will use the marine to trade and to protect the traders from pirates.

We will take the time to explain our vision of the Arkadian society and why we strongly believe that we could live and survive using this model: 

Please follow this link for a detailed Kingdom description



If your looking to contact our diplomats, follow this link