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The Arkadian Bank is one of the most prestigious institution in our Kingdom. The King appoints the Arkadian Bank CEO, he will then find and hire co-workers.

The Bank has an agency in every major county throughout the kingdom. The citizens can safely leave in the bank chests their most valuable belongings. The State itself insures your stored goods and money. If an agencies would to be raided, the state would guarantee the reimbursement of the value of the stored items.

All agencies are linked, so if you don't want to take risks traveling with too much money you can access your account in every other agency. We plan on expanding our agencies network throughout the world, starting by the capital cities of our neighboring Kingdoms, to ensure to our tradesmen and any of our citizens on a trip, the liquidity needed for their foreign spending's.

The Bank will also grant loans to the Arkadian citizens. The interest rate applied on them will be a function of the risks taken by the bank and will be judge on a case-by-case scenario.

The State may also issue Public Loans titles trough the Arkadian Bank. The Arkadian Bank may invests in any project she finds financially attractive.

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