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The way the hierarchy is divided was inspired to us by real life and also by the knowledge that some of us gained through community management in other games. We based this societal model on the game mechanics as we know them now, it will, most probably, be subject to some changes. We do understand that to work in such a manner we will need a strong community, but we do like to think that we could obtain the critical number of players we need to make it work.

Our society will be a mix between a Monarchy and a Republic. We will speak of public property for a large number of buildings, because they will be accessible by all citizens. The different ranks of interest in the Arkadian Kingdom will be distributed to the persons interested and on a meritocratic basis. Any person investing time and resources into a field and willing to take an active part in the community will most likely end up managing that field.

Our Community will be international and multilingual. This may look complicated to manage, but we do have the experience of a multilingual population on Mortal Online and we know it can work "perfectly". We can even say that the diversity adds a lot of fun to the game experience.

We will offer a common TeamSpeak server to every member of the community with separated channels and admin rights to all leaders. We already have a pretty decent amount of players able to speak various languages that will help us consolidate and maintain this structure.

Arkadia officials chart:

The Arkadian Society:

The King is the supreme ruler of the faction he appoints the High Priest, the Master of the Coin and The Chancellor.

Once nominated, the three major officers of the realm will have to designate the members of their respective Departments. The Master of the Coin will name the State Engineer and Tribuns, the Chancellor will name the Justicar and the Constable, the High Priest will name the Clerics. A special attention will have to be taken by the Chancellor not to choose two persons who could be to close to each other for the positions of Justicar and Constable.

We will try not to accumulate too many tasks and responsibilities on a same person, we don't mind having Dukes or Counts holding other crucial positions within the kingdom, though we believe their nobility titles will already supply them with enough responsibilities. We will insist on the fact that a member will devote most of his game time to his chosen task.

We aren't an RP community, but we respect and encourage that gameplay. We will try, for the Kingdom cohesion to keep some form of RP (ex: Uniforms, Religion...). We believe that it will make the game experience more fun and immersive for our community.

When a new member is accepted into the community he becomes a plebeian and their his adventure starts.

Even if everyone has his affinities with a certain game-play (PVE, PVP, PK, Craft...), their is always a time needed to realize what really drives your fun into this new game. Once the player knows that he can, if he wants, invest is play time in a specific field. His choice will follow three paths: the Civilian, the Military and the Religious. Those paths will be represented by different Departments.

The Civilian:

Civilians will form the vast majority of our population. They will be the people majorly interested by research, crafting, gathering, commerce, cartography, engineering... Pretty much all activities Elyria will offer us.

Every civilian will have the right to own a weapon and to participate in combat in time of war, but they will do it at their own expenses, the state will not furnish them weapons and armors, like with the soldiers. However they will not be force to participate to raids, patrols and State building projects. To make it simple, the only obligations a civilian will have are to have fun, participate in the state development and respect the other community members.

Once a plebeians is perfectly integrated into is civil role and has done his duty by serving in the army, he will become a citizen. After that he will be able to aim to become a Tribune.

Tribunes will be the spokesman of the civilian population. They will be the richest and most influential crafters. They will be in charge of most technological research Colleges.

The Master of the Coin receives land revenues and spontaneous donations. He lives and has is office at the Castle at the capital city he is in charge of the State Treasure. He must maintain an exhaustive list of money and materials kept in the Treasure. He can name as many co-workers he needs to help him in is tasks.

The State architect can be mandated by the King for construction projects. In that case he has to furnish a cost estimate of the project. Once validated by the King he can furnish it to the Master of Coin who will deliver him the materials and gold needed.

The Religious:

Religion will be the way of the zealots and pious. The Kingdom may chose a State religion but it will leave a total religious freedom to is people. We hope we won't experience a religion War and that we wont be hearing the crowd yell : "Burn the heretics".

Most of our Clergy members will be called Clerks. Official they will be in charge of medical research and astronomy, they will take care of the temples and religious structures. Our Clergy members will be allowed to get married.

Clerks will often be responsible for diplomatic missions. Due to their divine presence they will be the ideal subjects to approach barbarian tribes.

The High Priest will be in charge of the Clergy. He will host the interviews to the citizens willing to become Clerks. He will be the official diplomat of the community. The Clergy members will be allowed to form religious fighting orders of crusaders. Those orders will be supervised by Grandmasters.

The Military and the Justice:

An other vocation will be the one of the army: a hard life ! Soldiers will be trained for war and suffering since their early childhood. Serving in the arkadian army will be mandatory, please read the conditions for military service below.

Soldiers will be staying at the town barracks and at the castles. All of them will have access to a training ground, a stable and a forge. They will be payed weekly and their equipment and horses will be supplied by the State. In time of peace soldiers will take the role of Police.

As soon as a soldier takes is office he will receive a uniform and weapons based on is chosen army corp.

Soldiers are forced to wear their armors when they are in function and must remove it when they are not patrolling or are not in mission. if they don't wear it though they are considered civilians. However, soldiers must always answer the call of their officers. To be a soldier is vocation that must be respected.

Groups of soldiers will patrol cities to maintain order. They will have to make sure that every wanted thief is brought to justice. To do so they have the right to stop people and can force them to reveal their identities. They can answer any type of call for police work (they may not answer if your pet is stuck in a tree). Citizens can call them when they fear for their life or when they want to make a complaint.

Complaints will be redirected toward the Justicar or one of is co-workers. They will represent the Judiciary power on the territory. They may call the police and give them missions based on their judgments (ex: expropriate a peasant who is not paying the taxes / the rent of is land, requisition of the goods of a shop using a patented technology whom the owner has not payed for the royalties, arrest an identity thief...)

A section of the city docks will be devoted to the state marine. We will describe the marine once we will know more about it.

Arkadia Military Service:

Please don't see the military service as a burden. We implemented it for the sake of RP and to make sure every new member of the community comes together to meet the other new members. It should be seen as a in-game "optional" tutorial provided by our own players.

Therefore, in Arkadia, military service is mandatory. Every plebeian will have to serve up to 2 weeks (real life time) in the army as a conscript soldier between his 14 and 35 years old (in-game years). Two exceptions will be made, in case this new citizen is too old (35+ in-game years) or in case of invalidity (it is well known in Arkadia that with a small bribe to an army official many not willing to do their military service are considered invalid).

The service will work in such manner: every new member willing to get is citizenship will have to present himself to is local count or baron. This one will then redirect him to the nearest conscript boot camp. Veteran Sergeants or Tribunes will supervise the training.

At start, everyone joining will be asked what he is looking for in-game and what field is he willing to specify into. After, we will make sure to get the best mentor for the new member. While some may train for war with Veteran Sergeants specified in the use of various weapons other may be interested into cooking or masonry and will be trained into those other field.

To do so, we will be using the mentoring system, thanks to that, our oldest members will help the new one get the wanted skills up. All conscripts will follow a specific 2 week program with many different organized activities.

Army Ranks explained:

Detailed Ranks:

The King's guard

The King's guard will be formed by the best and most loyal soldiers in realm. They will live in the Royal keeps on the Counties directly owned by the King and will be payed directly by him. They will guard the capital city of Arkadia, Utopia, and the Royal Duchy. They will be the King's bodyguards. They will be very heavily armed. They will also be in charge of guarding the Public Treasure.

They will accompany the King during his trips. They will be independent from the army, the army officers will have no authority over them, even the Constable. They will answer directly to the King. They will be very limited in number, they will be people the King can trust with whom he won't fear logging out next to them.

King's guard ranks:

Kingdom Nobles and Aristocratic hierarchy:

The taxation system of Arkadia:

Barons will have one or various town to which they will be affiliated and will be responsible for the protection of that territory. All Mayors will pay their Counts or Barons a part of their revenues. Barons will pay a part of their revenue to their Counts. The Counts will then split that revenue: A part will be kept by them and the rest will be sent to their respective Dukes. The Dukes will then keep a part of that money and send the rest to the King. Not knowing exactly how the taxation system will be implemented we will explain it in details further on.

The Council:

The Council usually takes place once per month, the King preside it. He has the right of veto on the proposed laws he believes harmful to his realm and people. All Nobles and Aristocrats are de facto members of the Council. Everyone has the right to speak at the Council and propose a new law. The Counts, Barons and Mayors though, must have spoken with their respective's Dukes first and must be introduced by him before addressing the committee.

Everyone will vote for a law. King vote will count for 20 points, Dukes 5, Counts 2, Barons and Mayors 1. If you own various titles your vote will be the sum of those (Ex: if the king owns 3 counties, 1 duchy and 4 baronies his vote will count for 20 + 5 + 3x(2) + 4x(1) = 35). A motion will be promulgated once it get's the majority of points in his favor.

From a legislative point of view, duchies will be ruled independently by their respective Dukes. As long as the duchies internal laws don't contradict or overlap the realm laws.

In times of War, the martial law will be proclaimed, to facilitate decision making, speeding up the process. In those troubled periods, The Council will be governed by The High Council: Made of only the Dukes and the King.

Once a new law is ratified by the Council it will be added to the Arkadian Laws by the Justicar or by one of is co-workers.


We thank you for the reading and we hope to see you soon on our TS and forums. We hope to make long-lasting and strong relations with a maximum of European communities. We hope to integrate a maximum of groups inside our lands. If you are an independent community looking for a Kingdom in which you will feel safe and respected, stop thinking about it and contact one of our representatives.

Have a great life in Elyria,

Raziel, King of Arkadia

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